About Me and Photography

Hi I am Balazs, I live in the beautiful city of Vienna and I frequently visit the great city of Hong Kong.

I love shooting Weddings, and I love working with Couples and Families.

If I asked you to think of a happier or a more fun-filled moment in a persons life than their wedding day, I guess you would have a hard time trying.  But you know, that is only the beginning, there are plenty of wonderful times ahead with your future partner and perhaps a family too.

About my Style

My idea for you is to create a beautiful, story-telling album, filled with images of your special moments, with your loved ones around you. I always try to blend into the surroundings to ensure that I can capture the real emotion of your candid and personal moments.

My goal is to deliver pictures that will look great as stand-alone photos but, more importantly, when viewed together in your photo album, will make you feel as if you are re-living the happiest day of your life. I am not shooting for now, I want you to look back and say Oh! I remember this moment!

On your wedding day I would like to take the time after the ceremony to have a creative photo session, somewhere in the city or at your favourite beauty spot, where ever we are. That is a very exciting moment when you will realize you are married and are going to spend the rest of your life with your favorite person. It is always an extra special moment that I love to shoot.

While we aim to minimize the stress and maximize the fun during the day, the best way to do this is to take advantage of the freedom that available light gives. You can do as you wish, run into the sea or climb a tree, it is all about the moments with your better half.

Get in touch

If you are interested in more details for getting  to know me and my service better in the Q&A section.

If you have questions Contact me or you can also send me an email to hello@balazspete.com and I will get back to you.